Our nonprofit, Shameless Self-Promotion Productions Inc, is doing business as Alligator Juniper Company (AJC).

Hello Environmental Conservation enthusiasts! I am the president of AJC, which we incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) organization as a Colorado Nonprofit in 2020. Our board of directors is a diverse group of leaders who each bring a specialty to our organization. Our board of directors visited Young, Arizona in 2021 and experience Tonto National Forest and the wonderful diversity available in the Eco System was inspirational.

Our first investment was inspired at FastForward Accelerate Good Conference in 2017 where I ran a mentoring table and was able to hear from leaders in the nonprofit sector. One of the leaders talked about his experience, including how his story about going to a community college was his path to being successful. I have a similar path, going to Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat, Colorado. My brother and I put together a sustainable endowment to allow a student who is studying sustainability to have their tuition paid for and the endowment can do this every semester in perpetuity, named Alligator Juniper Endowed Scholarship for Sustainability Studies.

Take a look at our capabilities and our products to see how we are making our impact and where we are focused.